Thursday, June 4, 2009

Safe Arrival

After quite a long day of travel, we are safely here in Nice. My parents are having their 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday, so we are here for the big party. We flew to Atlanta, then to JFK in New York, then to France. We were blessed with safe, mostly uneventful travel the whole way. Unlike my sister, who was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather, and thus missed her connecting flight.

I did feel quite sorry for the girl next to me on the trip to NY, who was incredibly airsick. Three times.

And the overhead "bong" that malfunctioned and kept bonging excessively during the overseas flight to Nice was rather annoying. Especially since it started during the middle of the night when we were trying to sleep. When Alex asked our attendant what it was, he replied that it was the "mysterious cowbell" and they didn't know what was causing it. "More cowbell" was NOT our opinion!

But there were only a couple of crying babies. Miraculously, all our flights left on time. And we were on them at the time! We had friendly people at the check-in, nice flight attendants, not too much turbulence, and our luggage arrived with us. Good trip!