Monday, June 2, 2014

R.I.P., my Brandi girl

1998(?) – 2014
When I adopted you in May 2000, they knew you were at least 2 years old but could not give any better estimate. I had a mental picture of you before I even went to the shelter, and I knew you were the dog for me the moment I saw you. I thought I was getting a companion for the little boy, but that was a silly idea. He was simply born a total cat person, and your personality turned out a canine version of me. I will always remember taking you on hours-long walks, frustrating chases through the neighborhood when you’d dug out of the yard and we couldn't catch you, and your never-ending desire to be wherever your people were. As long as no car rides were required, of course, since those did not agree with your tummy. The old age that caught up with you this past year was hard for you to handle. I’ll miss you, but now you can rest in peace.