Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Experiences

This whole wisdom teeth removal experience has been... interesting. Not fun, mind you, but interesting. The two teeth on the left side of my face came out, were sore for 2 days, and then poof! All better. No big deal, let's move on with life. And that is honestly about how I expected it to go. Somehow, though, the right side of my face missed the memo.

The upper right molar was basically sideways in my mouth, and so it was nearly impossible to keep it clean, never mind how frequently I ended up biting my cheek. This was the tooth that I knew needed to come out. The bottom right tooth is the one that only came in last year. While I wanted it to grow in before it was removed, it apparently had not really come through enough for them to get a good grip on it, and so it had to be cut out after all. What a major bummer. That side of my face is still swollen, and I definitely notice when the pain pills wear off. I rarely take medications, so to be regularly taking these pain pills every 4 hours or so is quite out of character for me. Dumb tooth is even waking me up in the middle of the night in horrible pain because the pills have worn off. The pain pills tend to make me sleepy, though, so I’m really not sure how I’m going to last at work tomorrow.

Because this bottom right tooth is taking soooo long to heal, I still can't eat properly. I'm starving! I was pretty good at first, eating yogurt and applesauce and making fruit smoothies and generally keeping it reasonably healthy after all. I splurged on some Kozy Shack chocolate pudding. Tried the rice pudding, but the rice was too lumpy for now, so I stuck with the chocolate. When I finally tired of the fruit, I pureed a can of chicken noodle soup. Since the surgery was Wed morning, by yesterday I should have been able to start trying to eat soft foods. Lump-free potatoes were edible. The mushy green beans were still too much chewing and I had to give up. Today, I've so far stuck with the fruit smoothie and going to have some more mashed potatoes again. Yippee, how exciting. I want some real food! *pout*

I also did more talking yesterday than I've been doing. It honestly just hurt too much to move my jaw before. Too much of a good thing... by the evening, I knew I had over done it. Now I'm back to not talking much, because it just is uncomfortable. I did manage to keep myself out of bed for a couple of hours yesterday to clean the bathroom cabinets and do some more throwing away. Alex doesn’t really need squirty foam soap spray cans any more, for instance. But then back to bed for the rest of the day.

So anyway, that’s my update thus far. On one side, quick and easy. On the other side, misery. Guess now I can empathize with anyone else’s experience, since I’ll have had it both ways!