Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MS certifications - Vista

His computer runs XP, and my replacement laptop will be Windows 7, so I'm not sure where he might need to use this anytime soon, but the physical confirmation of the test taken back in December has arrived:

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Computer

The HP manager called me back and offered two choices: I could get an off-the-shelf model of a computer with some newer features than my original one but without a few things I have on this one, or I could have my computer rebuilt again to my original specs.

After thinking about it, and reviewing the details with the computer people in my family, I decided to go with the newer model. I should have it within a week at the most. (They won't ship it until I send them a tracking number for this one being returned.) Now, I'll get to learn how to use Windows 7.

Assuming this new one works properly, I can take HP laptops back off the Never.Ever.Purchase.Again.Ever list...

Did you notice?

It was fun to write the date today. Well, assuming you write it in the US format of MM/DD/YY.


Yes, little things like palindromic dates make me smile.