Monday, August 4, 2008

It was a little scary

I did something this weekend that I've never done before. I put a political bumper sticker on my car. Crazy, I know. I think I've only ever put one sticker on my car in my life, and it was my "Class of '90" sticker in high school (on the car that ended up a little crunched). I know I've never put on a political sticker. I don't even put the my-kid-is-on-the-honor-roll thing on my car.*

Life continues to change, and "tomorrow is the next day" as my dad likes to quote. (quick, 5 points, what movie does that come from?) My friend's husband is running for the Florida House. As he played football at FSU and then in the pros for several years, he's quite good at running. and winning. The political arena is a little different, however. He's not even in my voting district, so I can't support him with my vote. I did decide to advertise for him, though, by putting a sticker on my car. I investigated quite thoroughly, and have been assured it should not be a problem to get the thing back off the car after the election. I hope so, since I don't want this on my car for the rest of my life. Just in case, though, I hedged my bets a little: I put it on the plastic tire cover on the back of the car, rather than on the car itself. We'll see in a few months if it really does come off or if they lied to me. Scraping it off the tire cover doesn't bother so much as scraping it off a painted car.

* I have taped it up in the window for a 9-week period. I told him he had to continue to earn it each grading period in order for it to stay up. It did stay up as long as he was in that school; subsequent schools haven't had the stickers for me to have to worry about. I didn't actually peel the backing off and stick it onto the car, though, I just taped it from the inside of the window. Peter's sticker is truly applied as it was intended to be stuck.


d. said...

You are so like me! I never put any bumper stickers on my car either. Mostly because I think they look tacky, but also because I don't want anyone judging me the way I judge them for what's on their car. The whole plethora of Honor Student/my x is better than your honor student stickers need to just go away now.

Mom said...

I would say you probably came by that mentality quite naturally. Were you ever aware of either of your parents sticking anything on the car? I don't believe honor roll stickers were available back then; if so, don't think we'd have done them, either. WE knew you were smart, other drivers really didn't care!

Now they have stickers about one kid being better than another? I think I'll just continue to be amused by all the ones hitting the Internet rounds.