Friday, September 5, 2008

beach photos

After promising pictures, I was then quite remiss in not actually posting them. Sorry!

Here comes the storm...


Rain bouncing off neighbor's roof:

After the storm:

Starfish found by Morgan and Valerie:

Full moon reflected off the water:

We found this jellyfish on the beach when someone accidentally stepped on it (and was thankfully not stung). It was too dark to even see it so I literally "took a shot in the dark". It came out pretty nicely, I think.

Generators finally powered the island:


mom said...

Although not the most artistic, the generator photo was the most interesting. Never seen that before.

A starfish AND a jellyfish. Cool.

Great moon shot!

Mom said...

Not the most artistic of the GROUP, not that it was a crummy photo.

Sandi said...

we didn't actually see the way the generators were hooked up until we were leaving the island. Alex took the picture from inside the car while I was at a stop sign. :) he also got a photo of the repair truck that was on a barge out in the ocean that I thought was pretty cool.