Tuesday, May 26, 2009

IC3 certification test results

He started his test last week as planned. He finished part one, and had 3 questions left on part two, when the power went out at the school. (It's been lovely weather lately.) He had to be rescheduled to finish it today, since the electricity issue was not resolved in time for him to resume the test before the end of the school day. But now... the results are in...

The scoring is apparently not based solely on the answers provided, but also on how much clicking around you do on the example situations, how long it takes you to reply, etc. He needed a score of 800 to pass. The highest possible score is 1000.
  • Test 1 = 956
  • Test 2 = 956
  • Test 3 = 911
If only the class grades were this good!


Mom said...

Felicitations! Congratulations! Good work! Wow!


Susan said...

Go Alex!! You da man!!!
Great job!!