Monday, October 27, 2008

Ahh, marching band

I love marching band. I marched for 7 years myself, then was a proud band mama for Alex's 2 years of middle school marching band. Unfortunately, he decided he didn't want to pursue it in high school. What a bummer for me! I was hoping he would do it for at least one year, just to see how high school is different than middle school. Nope, he was not even remotely interested. I was very disappointed, but had to remind myself that while he might be my child, he is an individual person with different interests. Ah well, at least his best friend chose to march. It gives me a good excuse to go to the county bandmasters association evaluations without feeling weird. (I've gone several years when I didn't know anyone there and it was a little strange having nobody to cheer.)

Congratulations, Blake, on your superior rating!


Susan said...

Does Alex ever say "I wish I would've..." about band?? Or is he perfectly content on the sideline sheering his friends on??

Sandi said...

unfortunately, he's just fine on the sidelines. Blake's mom kept trying to guilt Alex into missing it and wanting to join again, but she didn't get very far. If Blake and Alex went to the same school, he might be a little more interested in doing it, but they have different schools. He really enjoyed it in 7th grade, but then had a different teacher in 8th grade and it became a chore instead of something fun. If the original teacher had stuck around, it might have been a completely different story. Then again, maybe not.

I think social side of band was a large part of what I liked; I enjoyed the musicality, but I also had a lot of friends from my assorted musical groups, we hung out together a lot, and the performances were a way to be "on stage" without being "in a spotlight". Alex would rather be involved in the video games and the computers and all the tech stuff that doesn't interest me in the slightest. I find that slightly ironic, since one of his close friends from his school is someone he met in band at middle school. ;) Neither one of them are in band now, and both are in the IT classes.

Susan said...

As long is Alex is happy with what he is doing is what matters most, huh??