Thursday, October 30, 2008

It had to happen sometime

Although it has been hard, I've always tried my best to participate in the special days at school, field trips, events, etc. I missed a couple during 7th grade - mostly because I didn't find out about them until the day before - but have otherwise always been there. Alex has been fine with that. If it's a field trip, he usually chose to sit with me on the bus instead of with friends. Sometimes that even bothered me a little bit.

Tomorrow is a field day at school, and we got an email asking for parent volunteers. My boss was ok with me taking the day off, so I said I'd be there. When I told Alex last night, he got a very stricken look on his face. Apparently, mom-is-not-so-cool-anymore has finally set in. "But this is high school, mom."

yeah, noticed that, did you?

So tomorrow I get to make him squirm while he tries to be cool and yet watches me from the sides of his eyes to make sure I'm not embarrassing him. Let the fun begin!

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Mindy said...

You're so lucky. Although not a habit yet, I've already started to get that too... in 4th grade!