Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis!

A great big birthday hug is flying through the air from Florida up to Pennsylvania to wish my sister a very happy birthday. She's probably celebrating by riding her bike 20 miles or some crazy thing. Maybe she won't check the mail for a few days and thus won't realize that even though I saw her birthday on the calendar, knew it was coming up, and even thought about the card I wanted to make her, I never actually got it into the mailbox. ahem.

I'm fantastic about remembering the birthdays of my friends and family, even those from high school and people I haven't seen in 10+ years, and usually don't even need to see them on the calendar. (Jan 20, Aug 23, Sept 20, Dec 24, Dec 31, you know who you are) For some reason, though, some part of my brain always neglects to compute that one needs time for the cards to travel through the mail in order to get there on time. I usually end up mailing it the day of the birthday, instead of having it arrive that day.

I don't know why my brain has this mental block. I can't even blame it on the instanteousness of email, since I had this problem long before email was popular. I've even tried putting reminders on the paper calendar as well as the electronic calendar, telling myself to get them mailed a few days early. It never works. So, if you end up with a card a little after your birthday, please know that I really was thinking about you. If you're one of the lucky few that gets it on time... congratulations!


Sis said...

Heh. I remember people's birthdays sometimes, have reminders for the times I don't, but never manage to get cards in the mail, much less send to arrive on time!

I only ran about a mile today because it is hot and sticky. I am considering swimming tonight, but the lazy has a strong grip on me.

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! (I got a lot of wishes on Facebook, way more than I expected!)

Today is brought to you by the symbol !

January 20th :-p said...

Aw, I love getting birthday greetings from you even if it's a few days late!!!