Monday, August 31, 2009

Census, part 2

The Census office called me today for the next round of work. Yippee! I start training next Tuesday.

When we finished the last round, all the crew leaders I talked to figured training would only be about a day, maybe two, since we couldn't imagine there would be that much extra to learn. Well, it turns out training is actually a whole 5 days. Since they told me to bring my I-9 information again, I'm guessing the majority of the first day will be completing all the paperwork stuff again that I did before.

When I talked to someone at the office last week, they estimated this round would last about 4 weeks. The recruiting guy that called me today said 10 weeks. Guess we'll see which one is more accurate. Either way, some employment is better than none!

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Diana said...

Woohoo! I was wondering if you'd be doing more work with the Census Bureau.